Dada's Chamatkar

Dadas Ashirwad!

I sold my house in 2007/08 crisis due to financial crunch..10 year I leave on leave and license... This November I bought new house for 9500000//..Ihave 15 lakhs in hand and 64 lakhs loan..balance 16 lakh how came I surprised but without a single rupee hand loan 16 lakhs managed ,due to ashirwad of DADA ...and I got the possession of New home on 2 nd December...Jai Shankheshwar Parshwnath Dada....

Dadas Apram Chamatkar!

Mr Kumar Shah was attending poonam every month from 1981 to 1986 but then later could not attend every month, so reduced to 3-4 times a year.

In 1998 due to large fire: entire empire collapse and todays value worth Rs. 100 CR loss. He then started poonam every month again and with blessing of Dada he has repaid all losses and company made debt free and relisted in Bombay Stock exchange.

And with Dada's support company is still growing.

Dada's chamatkar is unbelievable!

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