Shree Shankheshwar Parshwanath Dadaji Pratimaji is billions of years old which are presently exist and located at Shankheshwar near Sami, Patan, Gujarat and today we can enjoy Darshan in Temple @ Shankheshwar. The existing Pratimaji of Lord Parshwanath is a 23rd Thirthankar of Existing Chouvisy of Jain’s.

Parshwanath Dada went on Moksh all most a 2900-3000 year before. When he was in Mundra at the hill of Shikharji Mountain / Parvat.

During the Existence of King Lord Krishna in Dwarika Nagari a 10,000 years before and near by of Dwarika Nagari village there was another King Jarasangh & he has challenge war against Lord Krishna in Dwarika Nagari. Numbers of days war was going on and Jarasangh was not able to defeat to Lord Krishna & ultimately Jarasangh miss utilize some tantric power & due to that all soldiers of Lord Krishna become a powerless & not able to fight physically.

Since Lord Krishna was cousin brother of future 22nd Thirthankar known as Shri. Neminathaji on this time he was existing (before he went to Mokash). He has advice Lord Krishna to overcome of this problems, you have to do athham (3 Days Fast) with this the Adhishtayak Dev will give Darshan and will ask your wishes and you ask Pratimaji of Future God Lord Parshwanath Dadaji Pratimaji, accordingly on third day Dev came and ask lord Krishna what you want, why you did athham (3 Days Fast) and said He is pleased for your athham and ask the wish and Lord Krishna asked Pratimaji of Lord Parshwanath Dadaji (who is likely to be a23rd Thirthankar of Chouvisy).

The Adhishtayak Dev had arranged the Pratimaji of Lord Parshwanath Dadaji (who is likely to be a23rd Thirthankar of Chouvisy) from Patal loke.

This Pratimaji has been erect in the temple of Shankheshwar which is presently exist in Near Sami, Via Harij, Post Shankheshwar

After immediately of the erect Lord Krishan had been advise by Neminathji to do Pakshal of the Pratimaji and eh did firstly by Milk and then with a Water and mixer of both milk and water Lord Krishna had spreaded on the soldiers of Lord Krishna and entire soldier become as usual and powerful as before and with this Lord Krishna won the war between the Jarasandh & Lord Krishna.

This was through real fact history of somewhere 10,000 years before where Lord Parshwanath went in Moksha 3000 years before.

So the Chamatkar of this Pratimaji started a much billion year before as explain above.

According to Jainisam, After Mokash non of the Lord interfere of the human sansarik problems of resolve, all this carried by Adhishtayak Dev of that God. In this case the Adhishtayak Dev of the Lord Parshaanaath ji Dadaji are active since billion of years

The information available in the books that a billion of year before one day Mr. Ashadhi Shravak (King) had a curiosity and want to know when he will go to Moksh and he will end the life chakra and he is asking this question to Lord Damodar Swami, the Ninth Thirthankar of the Previous Chouvisy of the Jain said that you will go in Mokash and will have a position of Gandhar of Next Chouvisy’s 23rd. Thirthankar Will be known as Parshwanath Prabhu will bless you and you will have Mokash.

So the facts is that - Miracle that before the Parshwanath ji becomes God a billion of years Mr. Ashadhi Shravak (King) had built a statue of Parshwanath ji as per instruction by Lord Damodar Swami and started to pray.

After the death of. Ashadhi Shravak (King) he born in Indralok and he carry that Pratimaji from Earth to Indralok. Then so on he went in Suryalok, he went in Chandralok and viz. Viz. This Pratimaji had been prayed by Indra-dev, Surya-dev, and Chandra-dev etc. and due to such pooja, the power of the statue has increased unbelievable and cannot express.

If you wish in front of him or just think of him your wish will be fulfilling without any effort not only sansarik wishes if you wish Mokash, Bhakti, etc. You get blessing unconditionally.

This Pilgrimage known as Shankheshwar which is 120 Km far from Ahmadabad –Gujarat, 60 Km far from Viramgam –Gujarat & 60 Km far from Patan Gujarat.